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Moment's Bridge

"Photography is a fast answer to the breath that holds the moment."

"Photography is the other way of expressing, the opposite of music", says Eda Zari, while talking about her two passions. "While you work for a new album, there is a chance to work with details and make it outstanding, you can ask for perfection. In order to have a perfect photography, one that gives a complete and strong message, you have one (or none) chance to get the perfect moment..."

The term "urban photography" stands for the authentic photography without embellishment, about those everyday scenes from our life that express the everyday activity of people, while your camera looks from an unusual perspective, recording a story, a single moment, the particles of an episode that have been extracted from the whole. Detecting and capturing such images is a challenge in photography. The center of the attention for Eda Zari are people, the symmetry or asymmetry that the nowadays people create in a known or unknown space. Traveling for Eda has a broader meaning: the public spaces are like train-stops or a stage of life, starting from her own circle of life, returning at the country of origin, and further, in far away countries in the world - where she meets children, fishermen, priests, churches, cemeteries, bridges, urban motives, a hotel room, a theatre, rural landscapes, traces of history, artists, eros between male and female, silent scenery...

This exhibition aims to distinguish and inspect places and people. At the same time it documents and comments virtual situations, places, people, as well as reflects the results of the cultural and social processes of them.

Eda Zari aims to determine, through photography, the importance of life, nature and men. Eda insist there where the final moment doesn't obey, restrains it by transforming it into an exceptional compositional theme.

The exhibition consists in four cycles:

- The world through the eyes of a child;

- Genders;

- Doors of Deception;

- Urban Photography, People, Places, Circumstances.

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